What is SEDBUK?

SEDBUK central heating boiler sticker

SEDBUK central heating boiler sticker

The SEDBUK rating was developed under the UK Government’s ‘Energy efficiency best practice programme’ with the co-operation of boiler manufacturers. It provides a basis for fair comparison of different models of boilers.

The SEDBUK rating is the average annual efficiency achieved in typical domestic situations. It takes into account sensible assumptions about climate, control, pattern of usage and other similar factors.

The rating is calculated from laboratory tests together with other important factors such as boiler type, fuel used, ignition type, UK climate, boiler water content and typical domestic usage patterns. So, for estimating annual fuel running costs SEDBUK is a better guide than laboratory test results alone.

The boiler’s performance is scored, enabling the boiler to be placed in a banding system using a scale from A to G with an A rated boiler being the most efficient.

sedbukFor more information about energy efficiency and central heating boilers visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

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