Solar thermal panels

Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm the domestic hot water in your home. A solar panel is installed on a suitable roof which then transfers heat energy to a hot water cylinder.

A conventional central heating boiler or immersion heater is then used to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable. Having solar panels installed can reduce your hot water fuel bill by up to 60% annually.

How solar thermal systems work?

The solar panels collect energy from the sun which heats the fluid in the solar panels.

Kingspan solar thermal panel

Kingspan solar thermal panel

When the fluid in the panels is hot enough, the pump station circulates the hot fluid around the system.

The hot fluid is pumped around the coil at the bottom of the solar cylinder and heats the water contained within the cylinder.

The solar controller is the brains of the system, managing the solar system during daylight hours, enabling you to time your hot water, just like a central heating programmer, and measure the amount of energy you have gained from the sun.

If the temperature sensor in the cylinder detects that the solar panel hasn’t collected enough energy to heat the hot water to the required temperature, that’s when supplementary heat source cuts in and tops up the temperature of the hot water so that it comes out of your taps at the temperature required.

Top quality products

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